Jharkhand Mahila Samakhya Society

“No doubt behind every prosperous family there is a women; therefore organization affords visibility, gives identity, generates confidence, builds collective strength and strengthens values in society to the women” – Pinki Sinha, Resource Person

photo initiative2The Mahila Samakhya programme was launched in 1988 in pursuance of the goals of the New Education Policy (1986) and the Programme of Action as a concrete  programme for the education and empowerment of women in rural areas, particularly of women from socially and economically marginalised groups. It was decided that the programme would be implemented through autonomous registered societies setup at the state level. The rationale behind this was that an autonomous Registered Society alone canprovide the flexibility to administer an innovative programme while at the same time retaining the authority of the Government structure.

The Mahila Samakhya programme envisioned as “Education for Women’s Equality”. Mahila Samakhya has been addressing issues of gender, subordination and specific marginalization since its inception. It creates an environment that promotes women’s and girl’s education enables them to identify and overcome the socio-cultural and systematic barriers that inhabit their participation in the educational process.

Jharkhand was established as a new state in 2000 and the Mahila Samakhya Programme continued as usual under Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC). It was a hard time for MS programme due to being new state, frequent transfers of SPDs and many more priorities of greater importance in the list of the government. However, the team at the state level managed to continue the Mahila Samakhya Program covering 3308 villages of 37 blocks of 4 districts i.e. Chatra, Ranchi, West Singhbhum and East Singbhum. During this period the mission to register a separate society of MS was persuaded rigorously and finally a separate society in the name of “Jharkhand Mahila Samakhya Society” got registered under Society Registration Act 1860 on 6th September 2006, and started working as an independent unit in full swing from June 2007. At present Mahila Samakhya programme is being implemented covering 11 districts of Jharkhand.