This children home was set up as per section 34 (2) (3) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, with an objective of providing shelter during inquiry process and for providing long term rehabilitation for orphan, destitute children in need of care and protection who are brought before Child Welfare Committees. Children who are produced before Child Welfare Committees are admitted in this children home. The home provides them education, recreation along with basic facilities like food accommodation health etc.

Jharkhand Mahila Samakhya Society Perspective:-

JMSS aim has been quite obvious in the context of children. There should not be any kind of discrimination among the children as well as also make sure that not a single child is left behind from getting his basic common needs. With this perspective for the protection of children and make sure their proper care Balashray was handed over to this organization on 5th Feb, 2016.


bala 7The vision for Balashray has always been to connect children with the education system. In this regard all the children have been enrolled for formal education within home. On the other hand as per Right to education act 2009, 18 children have been enrolled in nearby Bazra School. Here the main vision has always been children get quality education and they are not left with any kind of initial requirement.


Our mission has always been to get the children restored with their family members. For this prominent thing Balashray is always active and also makes sure that every child reaches his home safely. In this regard children proper family follow up is done so that their status can be taped up and the right reaches at the right place.


Here our goals have been proactively aggressive. In Balashray children come frombala 2 different kinds of back ground and their family status is also not so stable consequently, children are found illiterate so for those kinds of children try to make sure that they are added with some of the Skill India programmes where they are trained upon lots of other techniques. Since some of the children are illiterate so the training is according to their skills that’s has been our motto. On the other hand children who are literate they are given computer training at home and other social skills.

Objective of Balashray

Objectives of Balshray has been following for the welfare of the children as well as for their parents: –

  • Development of the children mentally and physically.
  • Strengthen family with the Govt. policy
  • Do regular follow up of children
  • Bring out best practices out of work
  • Ensure proper maintenance of Balashray
  • Establish positive relationship with the stake holders.

Process of Balashray

Here the main function of Balashray is to take the admission of children and bring them back into the functional activities of Home. Children mostly come through Child line rests are through other sources referred by CWC.

Once the child comes to the home his initial counseling is done by the counselor to ensure his initial requirements. Child is provided toiletry items for his daily needs. bala 5There is a dress code for every child so every child is provided similar dress which they wear within the premises. To ensure proper health stability of children their medical is also done by the doctor. There are other processes also for the special children who are found mentally challenged, so for those kinds of children proper care is required those children are examined by the experts of RINPAS Ranchi.

On the other hand Blaashray also tries to make sure that not a single is left from education so lots of things have been implemented into practices on a daily basis. Education is one of them- children are added with the formal education within home children are given proper education here. Children are also taught about the right moral values, how to preserve their qualities in the society, how to become a loyal citizen so on various kinds of subjects they are made familiar with. Not only studies children are also added with the other innovative activities which take place at the premises. Children are involved with the different kinds of arts activities; cultural activities are some of them which children like the most. Most importantly here one of the main visions of Balashray has been to make children more discipline. So children are also taught moral values which they have to do on a daily basis.

After proper guidance and follow up with the family members of the children they are restored with their family members. There are different ways of sending children their homes through various sources including Child line, Police escorts team, parents and others.