Our Initiative

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Mahila Samakhya programme has been formulated for empowering women through literacy/education. Here literacy/education relates not only to functional literacy but also thematic literacy. The programme accelerates the pace of women’s development towards their empowerment by availing their rights, entitlement and decreasing the gender gaps prevailed in the society in a holistic manner. Following are the intervention areas of JMSS:-

  • Functional Literacy and Education
  • Thematic Literacy and Education
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Legal Education
  • Livelhood
  • Participation in Local Administration

Functinal Literacy and Education

“Inspired and inspiring village women to Read, Learn and Write”.  – Lukhuwati Devi; Village – Dorma.

Initiatives of functional literacy in Mahila Samakhya are unique in many different ways. We aim at bridging gender gaps through education. The primary objective of these initiatives is to empower the socially, politically and economically marginalized women particularly living in far-offand isolated villages. Literate women can make constructive contribution in their own development as well as iphoto initiative2.pngn the development of the society. Thus literacy is the first and foremost priority of JMSS. JMSS focuses on educating girls and women deprived of education owing to difficult circumstances in their lives. JMSS develops awareness in them for education so that they can set their priorities to avail their rights of education. Education is also a proven weapon against social evils like dowry system, child marriage, witchcraft, etc. Through education women have successfully brought about distinguishable changes in the lives of rural  folks and maintaining their lives with dignity.

Functional literacy enables the women and adolescents to read and write. It is the bedrock on which empowerment can takes place. This is the first step towards the empowerment of women. It opens the door of gaining knowledge and awareness generation. To provide f unctional literacy JMSS run various activities which provides functional literacy as well as thematic literacy at the same time.